Book Your Ceremony With A Difference


Price Comparison

We have compared some of the venues in Prince William County for you and would love to share what we found. We will not be naming these venues but will be providing a brief discription of each one.

Venue #1

The first is located at golf course in Woodbridge.

Woodbridge Golf Course for 300 guests $24,910

Food and beverage: $18,000

Facility Fee: $1000.00

Additional Rental Fees: $900

Vat sales Tax: $1410.00

$83.00 Per person !!

Venue #2

A banquet hall in Woodbrige on the water for 300 guests.

Venue – $4700 on Friday & $6500 on Saturday
to include tables, chairs, staff, set up and break down

Catering – Starts at $55.00 per person for Budget menu and $17.95
per person for Full Cocktail Bar. Linens are included.

To Rent this facility for 300-350 people for 4 hours, I was quoted $85.00 per person for a total of $29,750! They also would add a 22%v service cahrge as well!

Red Rose Banquet & Event Center

In comparrison for 300 gueste at the Red Rose Banquet & Event Center it would be around $20.550 and would include the food,($46.00 per person) not a budget menu the room, linens ,dishware,silver, glass ware, non alocolic beverages( You may bring your own alcohol) labor and the DJ!

That would be $68.50 per person! We do not charge the high service fee or grauity either.

So we hope you will see what a value we are and how nice the space is as well.

Please contact us for a tour and a proposal based on your needs. 571 208 1208